Every month the Club hosts two students, and their parents if they wish, at our bi-monthly lunch meetings to expose the students to Service Learning opportunities once they are out of high school.  Opportunities at the college level include Circle K; however, at the age of 18, there is the opportunity to join a Kiwanis Club in their community.  Staff from the high school choose students based on their leadership potential and each student fills out and submits a questionnaire to better acquaint us with them. 

We have been delighted with the selections of the AHS staff.

2009-2010 Kiwanians of the Month

April 2010 - Karon Lacey (center) visits with Hannah Starr (left) and Andrew Goodrich (right)

March 2010 - Jennifer Denny (left) greets Jake Borchert (center) and Amy Nilles (right)

February 2010 - Sara Cassabaum (left) and Ryan Gean (right)
with Dr. Matthew Wendt (Center)

January 2010 - Karon Lacey (left) visits with Kate Armstrong (center)
and Bryce Hundley (right)

October/November 2009 - Jennifer Denny (left) greets Jessica Brown (center) and Kaylea Carico (right)

September 2009 - Shelby Millar, left, Eric Bundy, right

  2008-09 Kiwanians of the Month

September 2008 - Breanna Teeter and Grant Kisler

October 2008 - Catherine Gehlsen and Shelby Millar

November/December 2008 - Elizabeth Glynn and Kyle Bredesky

February 2009 - Emily Smith and Carly Sommerlot

March 2009 - Allison Watson and Mike Stocks

April 2009 - Jake Folvag and Kaycee Brisby

May 2009 - Tessa Goforth and Jessica Goforth